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Why buy from us? ... here's a few good reasons.

Somethings you cannot take for granted when buying products over the internet, firstly, we are a real business...

  • ..with stock of the products we sell.
  • ..a warehouse and a showroom.
  • ..we welcome visitors and telephone calls.

If you cannot contact a company by telephone or visit them, we believe there is a good reason for this!

  • We currently despatch over 2,000 orders every month of doors handles and accessories, there is nothing we don't know about door furniture!
  • After spending over 20 years in the door handle industry, we know the good, the bad, and the ugly, you can rest assured that if we are not 100% confident in the quality of the products we sell, we just don't sell it. That's why we do not list every available product in the UK.
  • We are passionate about customer service. It's an easy claim to make, but we do offer good technical advice and you can contact us by telephone ( 8 lines), fax, email or in person.


Call: 01484 42 60 42

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