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Door Knobs

Door knobs.

Door knobs are supplied in various types and styles to suit different preferences and requirements. Here are some common types and features of UK door knobs:

Mortice Door Knobs: These are traditional door knobs that are fitted into a door with a mortice latch or lock. They come in a wide range of designs, from classic to contemporary, and are available in different materials such as brass, chrome, or porcelain.

Rim Door Knobs: These are surface-mounted door knobs that are typically used with rim locks on doors that do not have a mortice lock. Rim door knobs are often seen in older properties or for decorative purposes.

Glass Door Knobs:Glass door knobs are a popular choice in the UK for their elegance and classic appeal. They can come in various designs and colors to complement different interior styles.

Antique Door Knobs: Antique door knobs are sought after for period properties or to add a vintage touch to modern homes. They are often made from materials like brass or porcelain and feature intricate designs.

Victorian Door Knobs: Victorian-style door knobs are characterised by ornate detailing, such as floral motifs or reeded patterns. They are a common choice for period homes or properties seeking a classic look.

Contemporary Door Knobs:Modern homes in the UK often feature contemporary door knobs with sleek and minimalist designs. These door knobs are available in a range of finishes such as satin nickel, polished chrome, or black.

Material and Finish:UK door knobs are available in various materials like metal, glass, or ceramic, each offering a different aesthetic and level of durability. The finish of the door knob, whether polished, brushed, or matt, can also impact the overall look of the door.

When selecting door knobs for your property, consider the style of your home, the functionality required for each door, and your personal design preferences to choose the right type of door knob that suits your needs.