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Marine Grade Front Door Furniture

Marine Grade Stainless Steel Front Door Furniture

Stainless Steel (316) External Door Handles and Accessories.


We now have online a full range of marine-grade stainless steel that are manufactured with high concentrations of chromium and nickel supplied by "From The Anvil". This finish has extremely resilient corrosion-resistant properties, exceeding 1000+ hours of salt testing. An excellent choice for coastal locations or polluted environments, where a high sheen look is desired.

This finish is very versatile and works equally well with warm and cool tones but most importantly will last the test of time.

This finish is designed to be maintenance-free and offers exceptional protection against corrosion. Surpassing 1000+ hours of salt testing, it is a perfect choice for use in salt-rich or heavily polluted environments.

You can see the full range here;



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