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Frequently Asked Questions




What are latch, lock and bathroom handles?

A latch door handle is supplied on a plain backplate for standard internal doors, a lock door handle has a cut out in the backplate for use on a door with a lock, and a bathroom door handle has a turn and release integrated into the handle for a privacy function.


Door Handle Types

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Do your prices include V.A.T.?

Yes! all prices include V.A.T. at the current rate of 20%. You can also view prices excluding VAT by selecting this option from the drop down option at the top of any page.

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How can I contact you?

Our full contact details can be found under the 'contact us' page. We can be contacted by the following methods.

  • By telephone during the hours of 9.00am until 5.00pm Monday to Thursday, 9.00am to 4.00pm on Friday.
    Our phone numbers
  • By email, our primary e-mail addresses are;

Our advice to anyone purchasing goods on the internet is.....'if the company you are purchasing from cannot be reached by a UK telephone land line (not a mobile phone number)'.... don't buy from them!

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Are your handles supplied in pairs?

Yes, all handles excluding centre door knobs are supplied in pairs with fixings and spindle. When you order 1, you will receive 2 individual handles to complete 1 door. Please see our 'specifications' tab when viewing any product for details of supplied quantity and other details.

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Are your handles supplied with locks / latches?

No, all handles are supplied without locks / latches. This is the standard in the UK as there are different sizes and types of locks used for different applications that need to be purchased separately. If you already have locks or latches in your doors then providing they are in good working condition, these in most cases can be used with new handles. The standard spindle (the bar that connects the handles) size in the UK is 8mm (actually 7.9mm), providing your current locks accept an 8mm bar width spindle, you should not have any problems fitting new handles.

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What locks or latches do I need?

The types of locks or latches you need are the same for door handles on a backplate, door handles on a rose and door knobs. For information on lock and latch sizes please see FAQ 'What backset size do I need?'

  • Internal doors. All non locking internal doors need a tubular latch, we supply a contract latch or a better quality high quality latch, the difference being the overall quality and spring tension. The one that you purchase will generally be detemined by your budget. We always recommend the quality tubular latch as this feels solid and smooth in use whilst providing a long working lifespan. For unsprung door knobs (all good quality door knobs are unsprung so they are not too stiff to turn!) we also recommend the high quality latch, please see below for recommended latch sizes.
  • External locking doors. It is important that all external doors have either a BS certified 5 lever sashlock or a rim cyinder nightlatch used with a BS certified 5 lever deadlock. This is a minimum security standard required by most UK household insurance companies. If you do not have these fitted to your external doors your insurance company may contest your claim in the event of a break-in.
  • Internal locking doors. Doors that are required to lock from a key internally can use a 3 lever sashlock providing they are not exit doors. We do not recommend locking internal doors for fire safety reasons.
  • Bathroom doors. All door handles supplied by Simply Door Handles require a bathroom lock. We supply a high quality bathroom lock and a contract bathroom lock, the difference being the quality. The quality lock is engineered to a high standard that will feel solid and smooth in use and provide a long working lifespan, the contract lock is engineered to a price. For door handles on a round rose, when using with a turn and release you may use any of the above bathroom locks or simply add a tubular bathroom deadbolt. By doing this you can position the turn and release independently of the handle.

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When will my order arrive?

Please see our delivery page.

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What size lock or latch do I need?

All UK locks and latches are quoted and sold based on the total depth measurement as dimension 'Y' on the diagram below. The backset size on a lock or latch case is the distance from the edge of the door to the centre of where the handle spindle passes through the door (or the key / turn where applicable), this is dimension 'X' below. For example, a 2 1/2 inch or 64mm latch has a backset size of 44mm and a total depth of 64mm.

Lock dimensions

These measurements apply to all door locks, bathroom locks and latches we supply. When replacing existing locks or latches, the important dimension is to purchase the same as what X measures on your current doors.

Generally rules apply as follows:

  • For door knobs you need a minimum of 3" case depth locks, we do however recommend 4" or 104mm latches providing that these fit your doors. This is to prevent your hand from scraping on the door frame when closing the door.
  • Fire doors generally have a deeper frame rebate (overlap around the door!). This means you need a minimum of 3" case depth locks.
  • When replacing old locks, the critical dimension is X as above, but this can vary by 3 to 4mm, so don't worry if you are slightly out. This is needed to prevent filling and redecoration of the door.

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What door hinges do I need?

Generally all external doors are 44mm thick and fire doors are 40mm thick, these doors require 4" or 102mm door hinges and require 3 hinges per door. (All door hinges are priced and supplied in pairs, that is when you purchase a quantity of 1 unit, you will receive two individual hinges).

For internal (non imperial sized doors) you will normally fit 3" or 76mm door hinges, these doors are generally 35mm thick and a 4" hinge leaf will be too wide. For doors over 20kgs most door manufacturers recommend fitting three hinges per door, we advise that you consult your door supplier if unsure.

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What are Euro profile, Oval Profile and Standard Key Escutcheons

An escutcheon is simply a key hole cover, the different types of escucheons you will need depends on the type of lock or cylinder used on your door. Simply choose the one that matches your lock as below!

Explanation of Key Escutcheon Types

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